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Dear Reader,

Imagine what you could do if you had the insider knowledge to create a blockbuster novel like Harry Potter...

I began my research many years ago...  I just had to know the answer to that niggling question:

Just what is the secret of J.K. Rowling's Success?

When many people try to understand her success, they talk about:

  • how her fans rallied to support a penniless mother
  • the marketing strategies for each book
  • her commitment to being a writer
  • her broad imagination

We wouldn’t be wrong in saying that they were significant factors to her success. 

But when considering the above question, we have to first remind ourselves that her fans would not have rallied to support Jo had they not been impressed with the first book/s

Also, her publishers wouldn’t have devoted vast resources to marketing her books if they had not witnessed the success of the first book/s.  Indeed, at the time of the publication of the first book, Barry Cunningham of Bloomsbury had a very small budget.  So small, in fact, that he was unable to bid for US rights. 

In my opinion, her success was a result of great storytelling.  But what exactly does this involve?

In order to find the secret of great storytelling, I had to go right back to the beginning...

I researched at little known writing tool called the ring theory...

I discovered patterns in storytelling from Homer, to Shakespeare, Chaucer, etc. all the way through to authors like Tristram Shandy, Jules Verne, Louisa May Alcott.

We see this same ring composition at work today in Harry Potter and the Hunger Games.

...I analysed blockbuster novels and films...

The majority of great blockbusters and novels share common elements: 

  • their ability to satisfy deep emotional needs
  • align with contemporary cultures and trends
  • have broad audience appeal

...I gained the insider secrets of the rich and famous...

Finally, after 6 years of analysis, using spreadsheets, weighty reference books and formulas, I came up with the solution to writing success

Listen closely.  Now, I am going to share this information, which has been hidden for so long... 

Many writers know they should improve their craft, be creative, develop characters and world building etc.  All of that is covered in the FREE Fantasy Writing Course membership.  Only I'm guessing you want to know what made writers like J.K. Rowling extra special....  I'm guessing you want to learn JK Rowling Writing Secrets.... Keep reading....

Finally, you can learn the Secrets of award winning authors with the:

Master Fantasy Writing Package

Inside this package you will find:
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12 Writing Secrets - Unauthorized Version ebook

This 70 page ebook is packed with information covering the four stages of writing - practice, preparation, potency and publication.  Inside you can learn about J.K. Rowling's writing journey and gain an insight into her writing methods. 
1. The secrets of creativity - Learn nine ways to be more creative and effortlessly slip into a state of focused daydream.

2. Logical brain power -
Learn how to increase your brain power and have fun at the same time.

3. The role of self-belief -
The importance of self-belief and knowing when your writing is ready to submit to agents and publishers.  How to keep motivated so you finish your work of art.

4. Super characterization methods -
What are the techniques for getting inside your characters head and bringing them to life?

5. Get to know your world inside out -
Six rules to help you build your world.

6. Planning -
J.K. Rowling used 7 years to plan her series before she published a single word.  But what exactly was she doing at that time?  How can you follow the same methods she used to really get to know your story?  You can download many charts - similar to the ones Jo used.  Just fill them in - it couldn't be easier!

7. Story themes -
How to choose an overarching story theme?

8. How to raise the stakes formula -
Use my formula to increase the danger, tension and... number of readers wanting to know more.

9. 'Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure' -
Learn how a writer's voice can play an essential part in conflict and how to write comedy.

10. Author popularity –
a list of ways to become a popular author before and after your book is published.

11. Editing –
Just what is a writer's voice and how do you get one?  

12. Your motto to success –
The ONE attitude you need to be successful.
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Secret Online Content:

As well as the 12 Writing Secrets ebook you can learn 3 of the most important contributing factors to J.K. Rowling's success, namely, popularity, word wizardry and literary alchemy:

Popularity - The one crucial secret to creating a blockbuster book or film.

Word Wizardry - Write spell binding stories to hypnotize your audience.

Literary Alchemy - Understand the magical formula to powerful writing

Also included in this online restricted section:

The A - Z of Creativity - Get inspired and put writer's block in the past.

What Motivates your Character? - Really get to know them!

How to Raise the Stakes?  My formula to show you how to raise the tension in your story.

How to Write Humour?   - What types of humour are most used by J.K. Rowling?

Power Words - Get your list today. 

Learn JK Rowling Writing Secrets

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Value of Secret Online Content - PRICELESS

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Ebooks on how to get published and promote your work

General ebooks

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How to Get Published
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Amazon Kindle Mania
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Fiction Writers: How to Build a Marketing Platform
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Blogging Basics for Beginners
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Reviews of the Master Fantasy Writing Package

Dr Joe Vitale, the millionaire author of "The Attractor Factor" and too many other books to list here, says, "I'm in awe!"

"This is not only a great read for those just starting out on writing a novel, but also an extremely valuable revision guide for those already writing. The concept is perfect for capturing the public imagination by using our current greatest author J K Rowling... I would recommend this to anyone wanting to know more about any genre of novel writing. Star Rating - the maximum." Angela James, Author of the Golden Moonbeam

You owe it to yourself to learn the secrets of writing success.

This package should be priced at $121.99, but it is not even $97...

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“The Master Fantasy Writing Course has made every fantasy writer and wannabe writer's work that much easier by insightful commentary and dedicated research into what has made J.K. Rowling's writing so successful. By following the Activity sections and applying each of the Secrets to your own writing, it is sure to improve dramatically and set you on the road to success. Bravo, Brook and a hearty "Thank You!" from one writer to another!" Cheryl E Booth, Author

A Summary of what the Master Fantasy Writing Package contains:

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The 12 Writing Secrets - Unauthorized Version
A 70 page ebook (pdf format) about J.K. Rowling's writing journey covering:

Creativity, organization, personal development, characterization, world building, how to plot and plan your story, story themes, danger, comedy, popularity, editing and your motto to success. 
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Secret access to online content
Learn the 3 super keys of:
  1. Popularity
  2. Word wizardry
  3. Literary alchemy

Also, access to information on:
  • The A - Z of creativity
  • What motivates your character?
  • How to be funny?
  • How to raise the stakes?
  • Power words list
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Bonus ebooks
  • How to Get Published
  • Self-Publishing
  • Amazon Kindle Mania
  • Fiction Writers: How to Build a Marketing Platform in 14 Days
  • Blogging Basics for Beginners
  • Twitter Profits for Authors
  • Saving Time and Money
  • Guide to Freelancing
  • Boosting Self-Esteem
  • The Self-Improvement Handbook

30 - Day Unconditional Guarantee

The only way this program can fail to work, is if you fail to apply each step to your writing. But if that happens, then it’s more my fault than yours. If you fail, it’s because I, as a teacher, have not made applying this powerful system to your life straightforward enough.

So, if you find you are not totally thrilled with the information… if you aren’t excited about applying this to your writing right away, then I’ll refund your full purchase price on the spot. No questions asked. No hard feelings either. Just contact me and I will cancel your membership and master key password.  You will even get to keep the bonus ebooks.

So why would I make such a bold offer and then back it up with such a great guarantee?

Because I believe that if you apply these ideas and principles to your writing you will achieve success on a scale greater than you could imagine.

“Will you be the next author to inspire millions of children around the world to

pick up a book and discover the wonderful world of reading?”

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