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Fantasy Writing Course -
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  •  The author road-map – our fun, comprehensive writing fantasy course will teach you the methods of the great writers.  It comprises of seven modules for you to work through:
  1. Personal Development - learn how to improve your writing
  2. Creativity and Inspiration - what is creativity?
  3. Form and Plot - download your blank book outline summary to learn how easy it is.  This will show you how to write a book.
  4. World Building - develop your own story world by learning from the Harry Potter world.  Learn JK Rowlings Writing Secrets.
  5. Characterization - what is characterization?
  6. The Perfect Book - the one principle that every successful novel follows.
  7. Allegory - build depth to your fantasy story.  How to write fantasy.

The author road map will inspire you to create a story that is loved forever.

  • Start Here - this is the practical part for writers to work through.  Learn how to begin your story, write a scene, keep motivated and much, much more.  We also provide free mentoring if you get stuck.  Just contact us.

  • Writing Fantasy Resources – watch videos of writing tutorials and author interviews in our Fantasy Writing Course blog. Read effective articles from writing experts on topics such as how to overcome writers block, world building and characterization. We update our articles and videos regularly so there is always something new to learn.

  • Learn from the established – learn how to write fantasy books from studying the writing methods of JK Rowling and JRR Tolkien.

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  • 7 Days to Easy-Money: Get Paid to Write a Book
  • Sure Fire Goblet of Fantasy Writing
  • Setting Goals

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"I would recommend this to anyone wanting to know more about any genre of novel writing. Star Rating - the maximum."
~ Angela James

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