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The Room of Requirement

‘If people knew how hard I have to work to gain my mastery, it wouldn’t seem wonderful at all.’  Michelangelo


The room of requirement is a secret room in Hogwarts that can transform itself into whatever the witch/wizard requires it to be as long as the person is truly in need of it.   To make it appear, you have to walk past it three times while concentrating very hard on what you require. 


Let’s do this now.  Close your eyes and concentrate on what you require.  Surely, if you are reading this book, you want to be a better writer, even a successful writer.   You know you have the potential to be greater.  That potential inside you increases ten-fold with each new experience, new observation, and fuller understanding of your own world. 


Concentrate harder now.  What would it be like to be successful?  How would you act?  How would you write?  On what day of the week would you reply to your fan mail?  Which chapter of your book would you read to an audience lingering on your every word?  What would you wear when you collected your award for your latest novel?  How does it feel to be a successful writer?


Concentrate for a third and final time.  What is the distance between your writing now and successful writing?  This book has mentioned various areas that you would do well to think about.  Really, from here on out, only you can look deep within yourself and make the most important decision of all…to take the initiative to hone your skills so you can become a better writer. 


Can you see the room of requirement yet?  It is just taking shape.  The writer’s room of requirement is not only the potential you have to be a great writer, and not just the motivation required to keep focused, but also the knowledge of the exact skills you lack at the present time so that you can work hard to acquire them. 


The room of requirement of a word wizard is: potential translated into action, with a spell of hard work, to enact change and redefine your writing.


Now, your room of requirement appears.  You know exactly what lies inside and what skills you need to take with you into the room to turn your writing into everything you desire.  If you take a quick study of the men and women who have been high-achievers in this world, you will find they have one thing in common: they truly believed that they would overcome all obstacles and reach success.  Make this commitment to yourself today that you will do whatever it takes to succeed in becoming a brilliant writer.  Now that you have done that, you have conquered the first secret of successful writing.  That wasn’t so hard, was it?